20 Best Trailer Park Boys Shirts To Have In The Wardrobe

Ever since the trailer park boys started their journey via the TV shows their popularity has only increased with each passing year. The movies added that extra bit of stardom to the Sunnyvale group. No wonder their merchandise section is in great demand. After having experimented with a lot of tees and other creative gift items I am providing the top 20 trailer park boys shirts that would perhaps find a place in any wardrobe. Even if you do not belong to that dedicated fan category the shirts have a lot of creative value and would look good on different occasions.

Trailer park boys shirts are nothing new to the online world. However, their creativity continues to improve with each passing season. Of course, the new episodes provide more graphics to the designer which in turn leads to new products, but even with just the still images, the tees continue to have a life of their own. The fan base is also highly diversified. The age group starts from teenagers and extends even to the senior citizens. And why not? When Mr. Jim Lahey (our trailer park supervisor) is exhibiting those raw spirits, people are bound to get impressed.

Why trailer park boys shirts are so popular?

The number one reason is that they are outright funny. You cannot just look and move away from it. I have had instances when people literally moved around to ask me about the quotation on the Ricky shirts. The one liners, the images, the graphics etc all contribute to the popularity.

If you are someone who loves those casual outings, these are the must have apparels. For bowling lovers there is the houndstooth pattern shirt that brings in immediate attention. Another big advantage is that you can make new connections with like-minded people. One look and the person knows who you are approving and then you never know what interesting facts might be shared.

Reasons behind the rise of TPB mockumentary

Let us get down to the basic reasons behind the mind-boggling popularity of the boys. Plain humor is fine but that cannot justify the massive public appeal. Some critics might comment that the series is too illogical but at the end of the day what works in the world garners the applause. There are certain key points that might indicate the core areas that the TPB show touches wherein lies the dept of creativity.

1. It has a strange connection with the masses

The boys do not adhere to logics and most of them are misguided characters. But the inherent charm is something that brings out the best in humor. The conversation might seem too dumb, but this very nature of talk brings in a solid connection.

2. The subtle Canadian references

There are a lot of cultural inferences in the show which have a Canadian background. It is obvious that the primary zone for this show is the North American audience but fans are located all over the globe. The mockumentary touches the cultural nerves and then resonates in the minds. You need shows like these to build deep connections.

3. The simple nature of characters

These are cunning scheming guys right? But deep down they are ordinary people fighting their negativity. And in some plots the inner beauty of the character is revealed. You know the struggles of Mr Jim Lahey with alcohol. He knows it too but just cannot overcome it.

Where to find the best tees online?

Funny Parody T-Shirt Straight Out Of The Trailer

Gone are the days when we had to wait for dominant online players to release the latest merchandise editions. They are still in contention, but smaller independent designers have greater level of importance now. You can even source the shirt direct from the maker if ordering in wholesale quantities.

Amazon remains one of my favorite places to start off any new search. It was where I got my first Bubbles and Kitties printed t-shirt which became quite a sensation during my college days. Those days are still fresh in memories. I have had quite a few weekend parties watching the evergreen movies of the TPB group. The best one, according to me is, Countdown to Liquor Day. In this movie, the manager Mr. Jim Lahey steals a large part of the limelight.

Coming back to the issue of shirts, you will surely find most of the options online with robust quality parameters. The only recommendation from my side would be to choose something that contains a lot of cotton fabric. The more the merrier because these outfits are basically meant for the summer days. TPB Christmas sweaters, although popular, are still in the starting stages as far as public appeal is concerned.

The best bowling shirt in my view

trailer park boys houndstooth shirt

We all know the kind of charisma that Ricky brings to the show and this very reason creates a lot of demand for his merchandise. His quotes do not make much sense but still invoke tons of laughter. That is the overall beauty of this show. How they do it, God knows! But they have managed to create a cult following for sure. The one option in trailer park boys ricky shirts that I like is the houndstooth pattern variety. This is my trademark bowling shirt and I have managed to garner accolades for my choice. It has a relaxed fit to start off but the confidence it provides is of another level.

The quick return facilities of the online shopping world ensures that one may order quite a few apparels in one go and then return the ones that are not required. Fitting is a vital factor here. The best fit shirts will continue to occupy coveted positions in your wardrobe for a long time. And make no mistake you are going to remember them quite well. This is the reason why I prefer cotton along with slightly loose fittings. Try out your piece and keep the one that fits expectations. After all you need that confidence during weekend parties!

How to promote the shirts in your locality

lahey i am the liquor tee shirt

There are some good reasons why you need to promote the trailer park merchandise in your locality. You never know that Bubbles shirt is going to make you a superstar! Organize an event during the Halloween season and try to bring in a customized costume of some sorts. Those nerdy Bubbles glasses will look cool here!

My family does not approve this love for the Sunnyvale characters, but I have managed to generate quite a buzz around the house. In fact, some are even watching the show after the wonderful appeal generated by Ricky quotations. So, in a way, I am a silent promoter of the entertainment industry. Make no mistake, there is no remuneration for this! My goal is to create some funny moments in everyday life. This apparel line allows that goal to come alive to a certain context.

Another good area are the team events in office. I still have not got an opening in this area but who knows when the bosses might have a favorable look. Casual office parties might turn out to be funnier and lead to better office coordination. But you certainly do not utter the movie lines to colleagues!


A brief history about the TV show


This article would be incomplete without giving in a little bit of detail behind the history of the TV shows.

The Canadian mockumentary series began as the continuation of one of the films directed by Mike Clattenburg. So, it all started with a small movie. The misadventures of the ex-convicts created quite a buzz in the industry and the name Sunnyvale soon found a lot of appreciation. Now that we have had 12 seasons and 3 movies you have so much stuff to watch.

Mike Smith who plays Bubbles along with Robb Wells (Ricky) and John Paul Tremblay (Julian) got the rights from the producers and made the new episodes. Additionally, the trio also contributed towards the animated series in 2019.

Now that John Dunsworth (Jim Lahey) is no more, the series holds a lot of nostalgia for the fans.


Creative costumes for the Halloween season

The one costume that I would love to have this year is the green ba*trd full-on version. It was available a few years back but then disappeared from the shelves. There is a decent demand for it as I have seen a couple of Reddits discuss about it.

In case I am not able to get it this year too then the best option would be to create it at home. I have a decent collection of trailer park boys shirts in the wardrobe and some extra additions would be sufficient to bring out a costume with decent level of attractor factor.  Please share some ideas in case you have something to spare for this season. Even a little customization would help because subtle changes bring in a lot of uniqueness.

The one thing that the TPB group teaches is that you need to wear your heart on the sleeve. I mean, do not be afraid to voice out your opinions and stay true to your character. The world is judgmental but that does not mean that one must dwell into a cynical approach. You might face hardships when not buttering people around but there will be an inner sense of satisfaction. When you inculcate this sort of habit into the daily routine there comes a time when small things fail to intimidate you.

Try out those funky t-shirts. Let go what others might think of you. Just watch out whether you are offending anyone from a genuine sense and if the answer is no, go for it all the time.

I still wish to go back to those college days. It is not that I was a movie buff. But something about the Trailer Park movies made me tick right away. Maybe it was the setting or just the age factor, but memories of such times linger on. Sometimes I would watch them all alone and chuckle to myself. The laughter made me realize what people mocking the series have been missing for a long time. The saga continues till date.

There have been many stories about the healing power of laughter. I am sure the boys have the power to bring out a general feeling of well-being. At least, in my experience the mood changes have come hands on. What you gain via experience is hard to deny and sometimes hard to explain too. When I advocate the joy the comes out here people seem to cast a skeptical eye. But if only they are willing to give it a chance! After all, there is nothing to lose.


I am the liquor explained

Those in the unaware category find it hard to realize the importance of these simple words uttered by Jim Lahey; “I am the Liquor”. These are iconic for sure. Legacies are built around statements and this is surely one of them. The trailer park supervisor has a lot to do as far as the plots are concerned. And he is ruthless in a sense. He is relentless and at  you every time.

Check out this video for a glimpse into the man’s character

Now that I have muttered so much about the Trailer park boys and their contribution to the world of humor in general, you might be interested in watching the shows and the movies. For those who are thinking about I have another post where you can find the chronological order of watching the Trailer Park seasons, episodes and movies. It will help in extracting the maximum amount of fun and you will have a clear idea about the plots and the storyline.

Make sure that you post in forums when new apparel designs come out. Many who are willing to buy do not have the links to the best places. Share the fun and help it rise exponentially. You will be surprised at the level of interest it creates when like minded people gel together. We need more such shows for the betterment of the planet!

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