Trailer Park Boys Movie Order For Viewing|Chronological Order Of Trailer Park Boys Shows And Movie

trailer park boys movie order

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If you truly want to enjoy watching this series it is must to have the trailer park boys movie order as well as the sequence for the TV seasons. In this post I am giving the complete list so that you can find it in an easy step wise manner.

Having the chronological order of trailer park boys shows and movie will surely help in forging a deep long term connection with the show. It will also provide a lot of clarity on the events that are occurring on the show.

Here is the complete list containing the movies and season in sequence.  And now onwards you will not have to wonder about how many trailer park boy movies are there to cover. Just follow the line and you will have your constant dose of fun.

I know that some of you like to cover it in a random fashion but trust me, it works better when you are on a time path. The plots seems better and there is a logical and humorous conclusion to setting.

Step wise trailer park boys movie order and sequence of TV shows


Step number 1 :

This is the original short film responsible for the creation of the show and the series. The Cart Boy released in 1995 was the first step in the hall of fame. It is a short piece and you may skip this. But it is better to begin the fun journey from here.

Step number 2:

Trailer Park Boys released in 1999 was a black and white movie and technically it forms the start of the movie series. It may not be that famous but is an important one. The movie actually forms the basis of the television shows as the plot starts from here on.


Step number 3:


trailer park boys season 1-9

Season (1,2,3,4) – The first 4 seasons of the show. It is available on Amazon.






Step number 4:

Trailer Park Boys Xmas Special


The Trailer Park Boys Xmas special was produced as a TV movie in 2004. It shows the 1997 holiday season in Sunnyvale and Julian is experimenting with new money making ideas. Ricky harbors confusions regarding God and Santa while Bubbles tries his best to organize an annual bonfire for Christmas where everyone can take part. The duration is one hour.



Step number 5:

Trailer Park Boys The Complete Fifth Season


Now comes the Season 5 where new plots develop.





Step number 6:

trailer park boys the movie


2006 Trailer Park Boys  – The Movie. The trio is out of jail and looking for get rich schemes. The plan is to steal tons of change.





Step number 7:

This time it is the Trailer Park Boys 101 released in 2007. It is a short plot for the Tv and you might consider it watching it independently. The duration is 23 minutes.

Step number 8:

Back to the episodes now. We have the sixth and seventh installment of the TV show.

trailer park boys season 6



Season 6




trailer park boys season 7


Season 7





Step number 9:

trailer park boys say good night to the bad guys dvd


It is now a TV movie released in the year 2008. The title is Say Goodnight to the Bad Guys. Now the boys are rich and the money is safe but trouble arises when they decide to share it.



Step number 10:


trailer park boys countdown to liquor day movie dvd

Trailer Park Boys: Countdown to Liquor Day came in the year 2009. It is perhaps the most loved piece in the movie segments. It is actually the second installment in the movie series.

Step number 11:

dont legalize it


This 2014 installment was the third and final step in the movie bandwagon. Trailer Park Boys: Don’t Legalize It shows the persistent efforts of the trio to get rich quickly and how they are tackled by the trailer park supervisor Jim Lahey.




Step number 12:

trailer park boys live at the north pole



2014 TV Movie: Trailer Park Boys: Live at the Northpole





Step number 13:

trailer park boys swearnet




2014 Swearnet: The Movie




Step number 14:

trailer park boys season 1-9



Once again the episodes. Seasons 8, 9




trailer park boys season 10



Then comes Season 10




Step number 15:

2014 TV movie-Trailer Park Boys: Live in F**kin’ Dublin

Step number 16:

2015 TV Movie –Trailer Park Boys: Drunk, High & Unemployed Live in Austin 

Step number 17:

trailer park boys out of the park europe



2016 – Trailer Park Boys Out of the Park: Europe




Step number 18:

trailer park boys out of the park usa



2017 USA – Trailer Park Boys Out of the Park





Step number 19:

Now we have the eleventh and the twelfth TV show series

trailer park boys season 11



Seasons 11





trailer park boys season 12



Season 12





Step number 20:

It is not the Season 13 actually but you can watch the animated cartoon series of Trailer park boys on Netflix. The plots are a bit lengthy but it is fun to watch.

While you might watch as and when you like but in case you follow the 19 steps and watch it in this order, the plot and line would emerge as intended. There are no hard and fast rules of the games but series such as this one require an orderly approach, especially if you are someone just starting out.

Hoping that this list of trailer park boy movies in order can help you in organizing some great weekend parties! But things work well even when you watch alone.  So keep up the spirits and have fun!

Every aspect of the TPB series is nothing short of legacy. Talk about Ricky’s dialogues and they turn out to be Rickyisms.

Want to send birthday greetings? There are some perfect memes to spice up the occasion.

Talk about a cult fan following for any TV series and the team Sunnyvale will certainly rank among the highest positions.


Bubbles in action with his band !


Some critics still find it hard to digest the popularity of the TPB group. Many consider this form of comedy as unconventional and are not able to understand the deep connection that people feel with the characters.

I am of the opinion that this style of comedy grows into the psyche and ultimately comes to the point of irresistible. The spirit of the show is very grounded in nature. You will find it easy to relate to the situations. The very fact that you have so many seasons and movies is enough to bring out the level of enthusiasm and love that people shower on the boys.


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