Trailer Park Boys Hat Pins – Cool and Resonating Gift Items That Bring On The Fun

trailer park boys hat pins

Why would anyone love trailer park boys hat pins? The reasons behind this are amazingly simple; if you are a TPB fan, anything associated with the merchandise section is bound to have an influence.  For me, this interest was created during my college days when I first got my Bubbles t-shirt.

I was so excited that I wore it for my classes! A quick reprimand from my college professor ensured that I did not wear it during the college. But I love that casual look which this merchandise section provides. As far as hat pins are concerned, they surely have their own time and place.

But when you have a hat pin associated with the trailer park spirit it is bound to have its own attraction. Wear this accessory on any occasion and you will have a plethora of questions directed towards its usage and people would be wondering why you chose that event for showcasing the product.

Those who are unaware about the TPB tv shows and movies will find it hard to understand this attraction towards the merchandise series. In fact, my own father finds it hard to believe that I have so much craze for a bunch of TV characters. But they are not just TV characters. They are people who make you laugh. These are people who make you forget about the mundane realities of this world. And this is where the connection becomes even stronger. I mean, look around your world.

You can find innumerable reasons to be unhappy and think about the deep miseries that lie all around us. But one look at the logical activities of these boys and you are bound to forget, at least for some time, that anything at all is wrong around you. By no means I want to behave like someone who ignores his reality but there are times when you need to disconnect from this whole scheme of things and this is where things like trailer Park shirts, birthday gifts, etc help so much.


Best place to wear trailer park boys hat pins


i am the liquor hat pin

My favorite idea is a group picnic. I mean, I have not got hold of these accessories till now, but when I do have these, I would use them for a public get-together kind of thing. My office picnic seems to be a great idea, but I do have to check with my boss about the kind of views and opinions that he possesses regarding the boys!

Contrary to popular belief this section does not dedicate itself to just funky items. If you have close look at the options in TPB clothing it is heartening to find so many good options to wear in everyday life. One of the houndstooth pattern shirt devoted to Ricky that I used as a bowling shirt gives me immense confidence. It is, in fact, one of the best casual outfits that I can think f.


If you are someone looking to start watching the show my suggestion would be to watch it in a chronological order. Only then would you able to understand all the plots and things that are coming step by step. For this very reason I published the detailed article containing the release sequence of TV shows and movies for trailer Park boys.

My current goal is to make my dad watch any one of the movies without making any fuss. He is one of my biggest critics and I know that he means well but still there are times when you want to do what you want to do. And this is where I think we need to set some boundaries regarding the choices that we make. I am doing quite well, and this is nowhere affecting my academic or work life. But still, I am unable to understand the plethora of critical views that keep coming whenever I am watching any of the shows. Has he ever heard the Ricky quotations? Man, they can change your life.

Coming back to the question of hat pins, these are items that do not require a lot of investment. You do not need to wait for any kind of sale or yearly discounts to have these in the wardrobe. Most of the items in this section are of this category. However, low in price does not mean low attraction factor.


Personalize your accessories!


A great way to install a bit more importance to your accessories is to customize them. No, I am not talking about some long craft work or something that takes over the whole day. Sometimes just mentioning your name is enough. For example, if you have a TPB inspired hat pin then perhaps you can take the initials of your name from a golden sticker and place somewhere on the sides. That would be enough to signify your love for it. Most of us who collect these items for the purpose of collections do this kind of tiny makeovers to let the world know how much we value the Sunnyvale group.


Another important thing to keep in mind is to make the occasion a rarity. What I mean to say is that one should refrain from wearing it frequently. I would like to keep it as a surprise item and show it at places where people least expect it. So, in this case I would not wear the hat pin for just any weekend get together. I would wait for the company picnic to take place where are all the bosses and CEOs would come. Of course, it has been conveyed to all of us that this is an informal picnic where we can dress as per as per our choice and use funny accessories as we like.  I would not risk wearing these in formal places where people might not understand the reason behind the product.


Interesting history behind hat pins


Pins used in hats have an interesting history. You would be surprised to know that for a long-time people in Britain and France used them as handmade pieces. And then America came into the picture. For the first time machines were used in the manufacturing process and then exported across the globe. This is the latter half of the nineteenth century that we are talking about. In those times bonnets were considered better than any other accessory used for hats. But slowly these bonnets gave way to hats and accordingly the demand and popularity for hat pins took an exponential turn.


Other items to look for


So, what are some of the other options in this segment. From a personal point of view, I have always been a fan of t-shirts. This is the reason why I started this blog in the first place. I always suggest those who are looking to bring the Ricky or Bubbles spirit inside to start their quest with this. There is extraordinarily little chance of you being dissatisfied in the process. First and foremost, you will be having a casual attire that looks good in most places. The second and the most important reason would be the chance of striking conversations at the right place and the at right time.


I have had some of the best conversations with strangers who were impressed with the Ricky quotation shirts that I was wearing. These were talks about life in general and the scenario of the world around us. But then, the point that I am making here is that they were attracted to the print on the shirt and then the sequence began. This is where you feel the importance of the right kind of attire. In fact, there is so much to explore in this that you will perhaps not have enough space in the wardrobe. If you are buying from a quality retailer, chances are that the apparels will last for a long time. My college Bubbles tees are still intact!


Go for the designs that resonate with your character. Do not allow other opinions to diminish the choices. Yes, keep an eye on the places where you would rather not show them publicly. Formal places might not be the best ones for trailer park boys accessories or clothing but nevertheless, there are some individuals in high positions who would not mind their presence.


These days I find that online Gifs (not gifts!) are rather popular among friends. People prefer to send them as digital gifts to share the spirit of the TPB franchise. But I am rather old fashioned in this regard. My choice would be physical gifts even though it might take some time for the delivery to take place. The best part here is that new designers are coming in with the latest ideas which implies that designs keep changing every single month. Keep looking in the online inventories and you are sure to find some design that resonates with the present feelings. However, there are some tried and tested designs that are somewhat independent of time lags. One such example is the Bubbles and Kitties t shirt that has a long list of global followers.

Last but certainly not the least, a glimpse into Mr.Lahey !



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