The Houndstooth Shirt Will Create Waves All Around


the-houndstooth-shirt-of-ricky-to-create-classic-party-looksThey say that you need an attitude like Ricky to make it through the top guys. I do not know whether it is true or not but if you are wearing the houndstooth shirt, the confidence levels do not remain low. Whether you have an affection for trailer park or not, you will get the extra attention that makes things work. Personally, I am not too much into the cool dude stuff that involves adorning yourself with tons of Halloween accessories. My point is very simple; have two or three impact making things and that is enough. After all, that shows that you are willing to trust your own personality to extract the rest of the advantages.

There was a small time party last weekend and I thought that the guys were like rehearsing for the Halloween. But most of them had made the mistake of loading themselves with all the stuff that you can find. That, in my view, makes little sense. I have still not taken out the new houndstooth party shirt from the packaging because I am already aware about its charm. But even the Shitiot shirt is sometimes a powerful message giver and I wore that on the weekend. And yes, I was not disappointed with the results!