Ricky Houndstooth Black And White Lounge Shirt For Men -Short Sleeve

Ricky Houndstooth Black And White Lounge Shirt For Men -Short SleeveComfort freaks will admire the inherent qualities of the Ricky houndstooth shirt. This black and white lounge shirt gives a premium feel without pinching you with the price tag. It is a short sleeve version that stops short of nothing!

I sometimes use this a bowling attire as it provides a great comfortable fit. However the best quality in my view is the stylish attitude that one might inherit when continuously wearing the attire of Ricky. It is good to be concerned about the inner qualities but you cannot ignore the fact that visual appearance strikes in a big way. Take any important place and you will find that the people making the highest level of impact have a smooth dressing sense.

Even if you are not much into movies, the character of Ricky is bound to impress. Rickyisms, as a matter of fact, offer great designs for upcoming tees in the trailer park merchandise series.