The Sunnyvale Hockey Jersey Of Ricky And Bubbles In Royal Blue Color


I am assuming that you love the royal blue color of the Sunnyvale hockey jersey.

Whether you are rooting for Ricky or Bubbles, both the jerseys are equally appealing and attractive.

Here we are going to have a detailed look on the two options available.

There is not much of a difference. Only the white print lettering varies. The basic construction remains the same.

Nevertheless, if you are inclined towards one of the boys, you have both the versions right here.

The Ricky hockey jersey with the 420 print at the back


ricky sunnyvale hockey jersey bluericky sunnyvale hockey jersey blue back sideView The Product On Amazon…


The product is officially licensed. This implies standard fitting and quality.

The word “Sunnyvale” is right there on the front side and the “Ricky” along with the number “420” comes on the rear.

Now the real question. Are going to use it in a game? Or there is something more to the interest?

I can wear this thing in any casual get-together. Who wants to wait for a game?

Some may find that silly, but the fan spirit makes you a little more courageous.

The Bubbles hockey jersey is equally impressive


bubbles sunnyvale hockey jersey blue

bubbles hockey jersey

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The front portion remains the same. On the back you have the print “Bubbles” and “99” in sharp white color.

This forms a great contrast with the royal blue shade, and you can understand where the beauty is coming from.

But it is one thing to observe and a totally different experience to wear it. You might find yourself wanting both the versions.

These are also great gift options for both young and adults. I find that even those who haven’t watched the movies love the style and prints.

There is such a casual approach ingrained in this merchandise. You find a sense of freedom and something that might one refer to as humor in everyday life.

The Sunnyvale hockey jersey creates instant attraction


It is hard to deny the fact. You cannot just look away from it. It might sound like exaggeration but someone who has observed the apparels would find this as a correct explanation.

Some wonder about the reasons behind the massive popularities of the trailer park boys jersey. The power comes from the cult. The legacy built with the TV shows and TPB movies takes its effect on fans.

When you are wearing the movie merchandise there is feeling of connection with the icons.

You might find the explanation a bit hard to swallow if you are not a TPB fan.


The race for the best trailer park character


Who is your favorite among Ricky, Bubbles and Julian? The answer may be a touch difficult. It is not easy to differentiate among the boys. Each provides a unique aspect to the humor. It is a great mix to have such emotions on board. You will have a hard time in choosing.

In case, you have zeroed in on the best one (as per your opinion), it makes sense to have some sort of dedicated wardrobe line honoring your choice. It is not that you have to invest a great deal but just a little amount of consideration in the clothing section would be good enough.

Another great aspect about many of the options in the clothing line is that they form great Halloween gift options. Suppose you are creating the Bubbles costume; you cannot expect to have a reasonable command over the personality without the iconic Bubbles glasses.

Similarly, you have the “Rickyisms” that are integral aspects of many t-shirt designs.

On the same note, there are Kitty tees honoring Bubbles. The section would be incomplete without mentioning the phrase I Am The Liquor” shirts of Jim Lahey.

The best part is that you can easily recreate the entire look without investing a lot on customization. Most of the defining pieces of merchandise are available online.

This video shows the blue sunnyvale hockey jersey in action


What if you have never worn the jersey?


Fist time hockey jersey buyers may feel that tinge of excitement. It is quite natural if you are in love with the saga. Even if you are not experiencing such a huge plethora of emotions, things will certainly look rosier as the delivery date comes near. I can still remember checking my order page of Amazon to be the exact time at the delivery location. And the receiving was a lot of fun.