Trailer Park Boys Glasses – The Bubbles Look Comes Alive With Thick Lens And A Heavy Frame

Trailer Park Boys Glasses – The Bubbles Look Comes Alive


The first thing that will impress you about Bubbles is the pair of heavy glasses. No doubt they are impressive and create an instant attractor factor. You might have seen him in the trailer Park Boys movie. now the question really is; where does he get these kind of glasses?

No doctor will write this kind of prescription in his goods sense of mind. In fact, I have personally ask a doctor to write such a huge power for my lens that it can match the looks of bubbles. And as you can guess he promptly refused to do so! And thank God doctors do not provide such kind of help to movie fans like me. Who knows what we might have done if it was not so!

If you are trying to dress up like him the next best and available option is to buy the Novelty glasses that are available online. I have doubt that this kind of frame can be of exact match. But there are quite a few options to choose from.

The important point is that you need to have that kind of personality in order to bring the exact effect of the character. There is a big difference when you don’t have the internal quality and you simply depend on the accessories and clothing.

Wearing the Bubbles glasses – Need some personality correction


bubbles in concertAs I have mentioned before you need to inculcate some aspects in order to have that exact kind of feeling. I suppose you really want to impress others and not just show off your thick frame glasses. So what’s the secret?

You have to learn to sing! Yes that is the magical truth! I certainly don’t mean that you become a lead singer overnight. But you need that funny kind of singing ability. Check out some of the YouTube videos and you will get to know exactly what I am talking about.

Trailer Park Boys Glasses – Bug Eye Specs is a good option


Trailer Park Boys Glasses – Bug Eye Specs


I checked out a lot of options in this category different online sites and found the Bug eye specs extremely satisfactory. Went out for a walk one evening wearing these thick glasses and the neighbors were happily surprised. Buy happily I mean that there wasn’t a kind of horrific expression that you would expect from my parents. In fact they enjoyed watching my face. Perhaps they never knew that I was a tpb fan.

Please do not get influenced by my experiences. You do not have to try this at home and school and office, or anywhere. People are not so receptive nowadays. They get offended too soon. My professors get angry just by the look of the graphic T shirts. My parents too, find my habit of collecting the movie merchandise totally unworthy. Not that I am looking for a lot of appreciation, but one does expect encouragement from time to time.


About Mike Smith – aka Bubbles


bubbles playing guitar

Did you know that actor Michael Smith who plays the character bubbles was also the guitarist for the Canadian rock band Sandbox? He is definitely a multi talented personality. By the age of 6 he was playing guitar!

The trailer Park boys director mike Clattenburg is his long time friend. Initially his character was not designed to play a pivotal role. But soon the entire team realized that people loved him. His outrageous behavior found a lot of appreciation among the fans.


Before you even order a new pair of glasses invest some time in getting clear about your purpose. Why do you need the item? Is it a part of a costume? If it is so, you will also need some other elements apart from the thick lenses.

Last year, during the Halloween season, I got myself to design the bubbles costume. It was truly customized as per my size and required a lot of assistance from my friends circle. Thankfully, it worked out well!

In case you are looking to do the same try zeroing on a particular image and then do your best to copy it. For example, my image was that of the character Mike wearing zipper boots, chinos pants, western style full sleeve shirt and of course the thick glasses. I guess this is the standard composition.

Thankfully, all these items are easily available online. Once you have the dress at home use some kind of fabric paint to bring out your own customization.

And then you need to watch the TV series carefully! No I am not joking. This is the part where you will inculcate the personality within you. It is so important to get this thing right. You need to talk like him, you need to walk like him, you need to do everything possible so that he comes alive to you! I hope I am making sense because this is what works in the real world.

Now you can understand that I was really serious in becoming that character. This is the characteristic of a true fan. Should I stop bragging about myself? Oh yes! I should.

What to do before the event?


trailer park boys the movie


So you have got the dress all ready and are really pumped up before the show? Have you done the homework right?


What I mean to say is that you need the opinions. So stop waiting for the last day.



Make sure that you have the reviews at least a week before. You will need the time to make corrections in the attire.


If you are after perfection this is what needs to be done. Rest is up to you.



How it all began


Funny Graphic Show Me Your Kitties Shirt In Black With Caption In WhiteIt was an ordinary day in my hostel room and I was almost half asleep. It was then my roommate who came up with the idea that I should someday dress up like bubbles show the whole world how deep was my love for the trailer Park boys.

I am not someone who gets influenced by compliments very easily. But there was something in his voice that made me think again. It was as if someone was telling me to reveal the true character. But I did not get convinced on that very day.

The next day as I was walking through the corridor I heard someone say; there goes the tpb fan! it occurred to me that somehow people were beginning to recognize what I was actually thinking.

So it made sense to me that I should make some effort and inculcate real character within me. the decision to make a tailor made costume had been taken.

The first thing, as you can guess, that came to my mind were the reading accessories, the spectacles. And then began the search.

The first few searches were naive, like, how to get dressed like Bubbles for real and so on. However, I slowly began to focus on the elements one after the other and things started to take shape.

I zeroed in on the lenses that you can see in the image above. And then came the right sized chinos along with the zipper boots as these had to match with one another.

The last item were the shirts which were quite easy to select. Thank God that he wears some of the full sleeves that are easy locate and are loved in most states. It is a kind of Mexican look but nevertheless, that’s what it is.

Since then I have tried a lot to spook my roomie. But he knows all about my ways of life and is rarely surprised. Sometimes he puts up a show but then I know that he isn’t bothered a bit.

My parents are really scared that I am going to take this to the next level. They are afraid that I am going to end up in one of the Ricky Bubbles Julian concerts and try to gate crash in order to meet the stars. Let us pretend that I might do so!

But I am not that much high in spirits to do so. I might do it in my dreams.

But attending the concerts is one of my dreams and I am going to make it true someday. How funny would it be look directly at the boys and dressed entirely like them? It would be an event for all of us. But seriously, I do want to meet them. Not desperate to do so but somehow very eager. I guess when you are a fan you got to accept the feelings that come up.


What next in life?


Coffee Mug - You Mess With Me Mess With Whole Trailer ParkLife tends to be boring at times. No I must be frank. It is boring at all times. I might contract some disease if I continue to work so hard. Don’t get me wrong, I do work hard at times. The little joys of life come from moments where laughter is free from all corners.

These are weekends when we are watching the Season 7 episodes or any of the three installments. There is something here that cannot be described in words. The experience is unique for all of us. It is not just entertainment but a certain way of life.

Next time you might see me wearing the Bug eye specs and walking right across the street. Hope you will not be shell shocked to see someone having such high powered lenses. Have no idea whether wearing them for long periods is safe for the eyes or not.

During the start of this article I mentioned about meeting a doctor. Now I have to meet him again for verifying the safety of these glasses. You do not have to be worried as this concern is for someone who is wanting to wear them for 8 to 10 hours straight!


Which episode should you go for?


In case you are looking for suggestions regarding the best episodes, here is my view on it. Season 7 is something you should not let pass away. I know it is a long time back but humor has no shelf life.

If you want to inspect the quality of my view, watch the third one ” Three Good men are dead”. This will bring your funny imaginations to the forefront. There are good many sources online where you can watch all the Seasons. Your job would be to find out from where. The quest for laughter will take you to the right path or website, I believe.


Latest Merchandise and Clothing


ricky houndstooth shirt buyI have a habit of collecting trailer park clothing and my wardrobe keeps swelling with each passing day. My shirts do last for a long time since I am very particular about the washing methods. Do as the manufacturer tells and you are going to have shirts that look new for a long time. Try it with one of them and see the results.

But this has been somewhat disadvantageous for me since now I have to deal with tees, hoodies, caps and so on. The hostel cupboards aren’t getting bigger. I have now entered the philanthropic mode and started a bit of donation.

In case you have never had one, try out the Bubbles and Kitties version. You might be surprised regarding the amount of fun that a simple design may generate. There have been quite a few instances already where the star of evening became this one print. Make sure you have the original one to create the best situation.

Contrary to popular beliefs, the original licensed merchandise is not costly. I too believed in the myth but perceptions changed when I searched the listings on the web. Most shirts are available under $20. This implies a long good bye to street shopping unless there is an advent of some never seen before designs.

Don’t bother visiting the brick and mortar stores for this category of apparels as you might never get the same pricing as available on the web. In case you do find something that is comparatively lower, make sure that you let the information come to my inbox. Please use the contact section to get in touch. I do reply to the queries and suggestions. It might be just a little late but it will happen for sure.