A Jim Lahey Shirt Has Its Own Dedicated Fan Following


jim lahey shirt in black teeYou would not be wrong to comment that the Trailer Park saga is more about the three boys. But then, Jim Lahey has managed to carve out his own creative space.

The iconic Sunnyvale Trailer park supervisor makes fans wanting for more. No wonder, the franchise merchandise section must include the Jim Lahey shirt in different colors.

The most important one in the series is perhaps the “ I Am The Liquor Shirt” with the aviator studded face design staring bluntly at the onlooker.


This bluntness of expression is, perhaps, the greatest virtue of the design. It is outright and direct in nature. Such attributes are rare these days.

The Sunnyvale supervisor gives a perfect blend to the antics of the three pivotal characters.


Which Jim Lahey shirt would you prefer?


As mentioned above, the bestselling one is the most direct in nature. But there are several variations available online.

For example, this shirt below puts the Jim Lahey print in a highly retro setting. It gives a classic vintage feeling.

vintage jim lahey shirtClick Here To Check Out The Shirt…….


In case you have the aviator one in the kitty, this one would be a good addition.

You can easily find out several variations among the officially licensed shirts. Color and fabric are the obvious choices.

In general, the darker versions survive for a greater length of time, keeping the sheen and shine intact.

If you are living in predominantly warmer climates, 100% cotton fabric is a must.

For other regions, a mixed fabric works well. The print design on the mixed ones tends to survive the onslaught of machine wash. But if you love the apparel, it would be ideal to go for hand wash.

Contrary to popular thinking, it takes less time ( you are only doing one or two at a time) and the effort is really an investment.


What is the best collection from a fan point of view?


Ideally speaking, you can easily have a mixed collection of tees for all the boys and Lahey. There are no high-priced items here and it is easy to have all four in the budget.

For example, here is a mixed bag that satisfied the fan craze for some time.

Here you have the Ricky Smokes version, the Welcome to Sunnyvale print and the Bubbles and kitties shirt.


Ricky Smokes Adult T-Shirt


Trailer Park Boys Men's Welcome to Sunnyvale Tee T-Shirt


bubbles and kitties shirt trailer park boys



Take your time and experiment a bit. The best combinations are easily available online.

This way you provide a sense of justice for all the movie characters and make healthy additions to the wardrobe.

Most importantly, follow your heart while selecting. It is you who would be wearing the shirt and hence, what you believe matters the most.

Let’s give the habit of making the choices depending the expectations of others. There are hell lot of TPB t-shirts that I did not order thinking about the approval ratings of my parents.

But then, I started making some of the best choices when I was alone during the college days.


What about posters?


Yes, they are cool. And the more the merrier. In case you do not have the right spaces gift them to friends and relatives you care for some funny moments.

Most Jim Lahey posters would carry the Liquor slogan. You might have to think before gifting.

Give to someone conservative and you can expect serious nightmares!

If you are too much into the creative zone take out the time to design your customized costume. It is not so much of an effort. The important step would be to find the right shirt. That is half job done.

If you are not aware, the man is no more. But that does not take away anything from the moment. The humor and wit shall stay as it is. In fact, they will create joy for generations to come.

You will miss the alcoholic Sunnyvale supervisor for sure.