Why We Love Ricky Houndstooth Shirts From The Trailer Park Merchandise

Ricky Houndstooth Black And White Lounge Shirt For Men -Short Sleeve

Visiting the trailer park boys merchandise is an interesting affair. If you are too much involved in the fan spirit energy, it would be difficult to select one among the host of options on the table. The current favorite option seems to be the black and white Ricky houndstooth shirts that have distinct off the block charm. You might not pick up the flair in one go but it makes an impact in the long run.

They are among the bestselling options in the TPB section and it is not just the style of Ricky that propels them to such heights. You can understand the craze element among the Ricky fans but it is difficult to describe the emotion in one go. In fact, even those who have never watched the movies or TV shows will fall for the comfort and charm that comes in one package.

The short sleeve version provides a good amount of free movement. You can use the houndstooth shirt as a party option or for casual looks. It works great in most situations. Generating a confidence outlook helps in extending the charm of the garment.