Watching You Like A Hawk Shirt – Black T Shirt Trailer Park Funny One

watching you like a shit hawk tshirt

You have heard the song; “I’ll be watching you”. The feeling is the same when I observe this t-shirt. I don’t know who is the recipient of this dialog in your life, but there are plenty whom I want to convey this message.

I have not used the exact title because some might find it offensive. That is a lame thing to say but ” Watching You Like A Hawk” t-shirt is not something you will easily wear in everyday life. And then are some other quotes that deserve special moments only.

Wearing this on a formal occasion would be a stupid thing to do. I would advise you to keep the brave spirit inside. Use it for some higher purpose.

This one is best for the light-hearted group meetings among friends. Create the humor and move on buddy.