Rolling With My Kitties Bubbles Funny T-Shirt From Trailer Park



You roll with the kitties and get as high as you want. That is perhaps the life Bubbles wants to lead till the very end. You can appreciate it or let it go, but never ignore what the man is doing. I guess that is essence behind the Rolling with Kitties Bubbles T-Shirt for TPB lovers.

It is not that Bubbles is single handedly running the Trailer park movie series but the impact is impeccable. I am in search of this carefree spirit that guides this man.

Wearing his costumes is perhaps the easiest way for me to feel the closeness.

I have never met the personality face to face but hey, there are dreams of doing so in some concert of his. May be when he is famously playing the guitar in the background, he would notice a meek but highl enthusiastic fan somewhere in the crowds. Appreciation or not, you can expect me to carry the fun during weekends. And this Bubbles t-shirt will perhaps help me in doing so.

What is the kind of life that you wish for? Quite possible you are after financial gains or a peacful living. Whatever may be the choices, if you are not opting for some amount of humor you are missing a great deal.

Let us take out a day in month where the agenda would be to laugh out loud. This might be a new beginning for a fulfilling life.

PS: You might not get the shirt all throughout the year