Trailer Park Boys Raccoon – Ricky Reveals The Facets Of The Character

trailer park boys raccoon

His funny pronunciations alter the meanings of even the most popular phrases on earth. Ricky calls them “raykins” and finds out that they are the reason behind the disappearance of his dope stock!

You never would want to learn the correct pronunciation from Ricky! His Rickyisms and quotations are not for the general world order.

Have a look on the trailer park boys raccoon to obtain a more comprehensive idea!





Want to have a Raccoon as pet?

They are basically wild animals and have these cute mask like designs on the face. Their cuteness is the biggest USP. You might find it funny the way they use their paws.
Even US presidents have had pet raccoons and if you are wishing the same feel good that you share this sentiment with lots of others. In fact, their domesticated history dates back to thousands of years. 
But I am not sure if the Trailer Park boys episodes are promoting this sentiment.
If you ask the experts, the suggestion would be to avoid the idea as the upbringing might mean more trouble than fun.

Are they good pets really?

You might love them for the IQ quotient. They are intelligent animals with good memory retention capacities. But since they are wild animals there are specific laws regarding keeping them as pets and it might even be illegal in some places.

Check out the state laws before embarking towards the goal.

Yes, raccoons can be trained and they develop this affectionate nature that people are fond of. They can play a lot and also cuddle. Some of them might even turn out to be the mischievous guys like Ricky or Bubbles!.

But it is a responsibility in general and you need to be aware of the efforts involved.


What problems are we talking about?

  • Sudden unpredictable behavior

Sometimes they can be aggressive resulting into bites. Anyone in the family or other pets or even strangers might become the victim.

  • Medical attention

Getting a proper veterinary doctor for the raccoon might be a challenge even in areas where you have permission. This is like an exotic species and hence adequate medical attention might be necessary from time to time. Check the presence of experts in the area before taking that all important decision.

  • Possibility of diseases

Rabies is a matter of concern, especially if it bites someone. They also carry some other types of fleas which might spread on human contact. This is why a professional approach is necessary so that you have prior knowledge regarding the actions to be taken in case there are symptoms of diseases.

  • Naughty and energetic

Yes, they have the capacity of open doors with paws and even take out those screw based lids. Hence, it is obvious that they require constant monitoring.

Special mention

Rabies is one thing you need to watch out for. Given below are some symptoms that indicate the condition

  • Matted type wet facial hair
  • Vocalization (high pitched)
  • Discharge coming from mouth and eyes
  • Erratic moments
  • Walking in  staggered manner

How to take proper care

It is always a good idea to gather some research regarding proper care. Therefore, the first step is to find out a raccoon breeder in your area to purchase a domestic one. Wild ones are by default illegal.

Provide a large spacious area to the animal. This is important to help them move freely and allows energy dissipation.

Buy some specific toys for visual engagement.

Raccoons are both plant and meat eaters. They will happily eat dog foods. The young ones graze and feed in large quantities. Check for meal limitations in older ones.

Ricky and the Raccoon have a special bond in the trailer park boys show

Well, you can never get enough of the character. Whatever he does comes close to the word legendary. The fact that these raccoons share a special bond with Ricky makes you tempted to have them as pets. In fact, some of the guys having their own backyard space might soon be endeavoring on it.

Please do not move on the wrong side of the law to accomplish the goals. Keeping these animals at home is a tough task and requires effort as well as time. It seems fair that the general consensus is on the negative side.


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