Ricky Trailer Park Boys Actor – A Personality That Rocks Across Continents

ricky trailer park boys actor

You have seen the houndstooth shirts and heard the quotations. These are like gold nuggets for TPB fans.

Actor Robb Wells plays Ricky in Trailer Park Boys with great conviction, so much so that he has a separate fan following willing to spend hours just to have a glimpse of the hugely talented actor.

What started as a simple Canadian mockumentary has now reached epic proportions.

Of course, the entire team takes the credit but Ricky adds that extra spark all the time.

Ricky Trailer Park Boys Actor – Fun Facts That Fascinate

tpb ricky trailer park boys actor

  • The character has a strange aversion to squirrels. He cannot tolerate them and will do anything to scare them away. Considering his all powerful attitude and supreme confidence this behavior seems a bit odd but nevertheless, this is an interesting aspect in the TPB series.
  • Many do not know his surname. Well, it was not even revealed till Season 12 and only those who were paying that extra amount of attention would have got it correctly. The surname is Lafleur which points the meaning to flower in layman terms.
  • The series portrays his stupid behaviour but when it comes to law enforcement authorities, he has all the tricks in the book to steer away from troubles. His ultra high confidence is what allows him to get away.

Try out his looks in the Halloween season !

It is the season to impress and create waves all around. You might want to try impersonating the Trailer park characters for adding that extra variety and spice to the party.

In case you love Bubbles, putting on those thick glasses is a foregone conclusion.

Ricky’s personality demands that black and white bowling shirt. It looks ultimate for any occasion.

Take a glimpse into the personality


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