A Ricky Flame Shirt Is What You Need To Bring Firepower To The Evening

You have seen the trailer park boys and loved their live by the moment approach to life. Among all the characters in this series, Ricky has found a special place among the fans.

The Ricky flame shirt  is just another popular addition to the already in demand trailer park merchandise.

Sometimes, even the experts want to find out the reasons behind his immense popularity.

The unanimous conclusions point to the carefree spirit of everyday that we all aspire for.

The Ricky Flame shirt seems to have an energy quotient


ricky flame shirt

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Here is another variation. The yellow flame is mixed with blue.


ricky tpb flame shirt


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Yet another choice in this segment. The flame shirt also has a blue shade.


ricky flame shirt blue

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I have always believed in the value of movie merchandise.

You just cannot comprehend anything otherwise. If you are a Ricky fan you got to have some of his shirts or something that reminds you of the icon. There is no going back on the statement.

You can delay the acquisition but not the result. I have been collecting TPB shirts for some time now and even today the thought of having a new print excites to the same levels.

The Ricky TPB flame shirt is symbolic in nature. If you want others which character you prefer, this is the one to go for.


What Ricky brings to the table cannot be comprehended


You cannot have a rational understanding towards every aspect. Certain issues in life demand the intuitive approach. The Ricky flame shirt touches this very intuition, which is an integral part of human psychology.

You might not comprehend the value of statement but the thing that you feel when rooting for your favorite shirt derives its value from the psychological activities going on in different parts of your mind body system.

Ok, that sound a bit like neuro-linguistic crap but what I am talking about is the general instinct that you feel. You have an instant liking for Ricky which is quite natural. You might deny it, but the inner core never lies.


That inner party feeling rings me always


ricky flame shirt


I do not have any hesitation in admitting that I am a party guy. That explains by preferences in most cases. It is this very nature that makes me write about this shirt a lot.

There are several items in the inventory that deserve attention, but I am all for this one to assume a prominent position.

I still remember the first day in college hostel. A set of hostile inmates and my humor loving attitude. That was all needed to save me from getting decimated.

People started to realize that this person wears the heart on sleeves and hence can be trusted. That is when I started making real friends.

Somehow this habit of living life everyday seeped into my system and I began to enjoy the benefits that came naturally.

Ricky provides a sense of ease


You will find it hard to believe that I escaped the first-year mandatory senior ragging completely! They asked me a set of provoking question and in turn received more thought-provoking answers. I do not have a lot of analysis towards life. Therefore, it becomes easy to speak what the mind intends.

You might find this an interesting habit. Try it out for a day. You will find the real friends and distance yourself from the fake ones.

The Ricky flame shirt was an integral part of my college wardrobe. People used to laugh at my apparel choices but then I received a lot of appreciation during after-college meets and casual parties.

I have the sense of not wearing the fan apparel during classes and meetings. This is something that my parents still do not understand. I once tried to convince them about the sleek factor of houndstooth shirts but the entire exercise failed to provide the results.

Hence the constant advice regarding dressing sense arrives on a weekly basis.


The New era in Trailer Park merchandise


  • The clothing section seems to improve on a regular basis. The offline stores were not able to cater the demand and hence the advent of online shopping has really been a blessing in disguise. It was tough to find all the designs in any given area.


  • Ordering online seems to be the only logical choice out there. Most of my shirts come from Amazon. The vast inventory and quick delivery help but more importantly, it is the availability of official trailer park merchandise that helps the most.


  • You might argue about the gravity behind the statement but when you are looking to use the shirt for a long time, the official one provides the best results. This is a time-tested statement. The cheap ones are one-time wonders for sure. You won’t find the sheen and shine even after the first wash.


  • Since I have brought the topic of wash it seems appropriate to suggest that proper washing is the key to long lasting fabric. All my trailer park shirts are hand washed. It is ok to let the apparel wait but machine wash is something that does not find my appreciation. Of course, you could opt for it but then my years of maintaining the clothing line deters me from this path.


Wear the apparel with confidence


You might find people that do not appreciate your choice of clothes. There are people spreading negative comments about the entire TPB franchise. The conservatives do not want a change in order. If you have opted for something like a Ricky flame shirt, wear it with full gusto.

You will find that even the critics fall in line after a period.

Knowing what you want in life and planning is a great virtue to have. That’s what the schools and colleges are teaching us right now. In fact, this is how the modern life has become.

The TPB spirit is not against all that but it sometimes brings you to the real human self. It is how the world should be in an ideal setting. Being in the moment and enjoying the humor on the spot keeps us close to the core. But then, there are too many complications on this path.

I believe that this attitude is hard to sustain for a long time. Trailer park clothing gives me an alternative path. It is like taking a break from the modern juggernaut and coming back home.


A video on Ricky’s clothes


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