Sunnyvale Hockey Jersey Of Ricky In Royal Blue Color Looks Stunning

ricky sunnyvale hockey jersey blue back sideThe cool factor about Ricky has a lot to do with the kind of clothing he portrays. Certain elements in the trailer park merchandise are tailor-made for his personality. The first thing that you will notice in the Sunnyvale hockey jersey of Ricky is the stunning blue color. The rest of the effect seems to ease in automatically. It is such an iconic outfit that people have no hesitation in going for it. If you can dab in a bit of his punchlines, it is nothing short of a lethal combination!

In case you are looking for the blue jersey, make sure to check the product on the following 4 points.

  1. Correct size of jersey
  2. Quality of Sunnyvale, C, Ricky and 420 printing
  3. Machine washing instructions
  4. Whether or not it is official merchandise

Let’s dive in some details for each of the points given above.

Correct sized Sunnyvale hockey jersey of Ricky will yield the best results


Size is the key when you are going for any apparel. Almost the entire sense of comfort depends on the fitting. If you are unsure about the whole thing order two sizes, the one that you think will work along with the next available option. In fact, that is the best strategy for ordering online. Make the free returns facility work to your advantage.

When the fitting is as per your expectations it is a different ball game altogether. The most opinion in this case is your own. Others might convey their opinions based on inherent perceptions.

Ask around but in the end choose the one that satisfies the fan spirit.


ricky sunnyvale hockey jersey blueClick here to check out the Ricky jersey


If you are living in predominantly warm conditions, a loose fitting garment would perhaps be a better idea.


Printing of Sunnyvale, Ricky, C and 420 should be in crisp white

ricky sunnyvale hockey jersey blue back sideAll that shade of royal blue is great but you need the crisp white printing on front and back to denote that the jersey belongs to Ricky. Any quality loss in this aspect is detrimental for the overall looks.  


Judging the print quality is not that difficult. You need the apparel in hand though. Touch the lettering if there are no visible differences. You should be able to feel the thickness of the print. Thick ones are able to last for a long time. 


Review washing instructions for best results


It might seem a simple issue but correct washing is an integral part of maintaining the wardrobe. You can cut down on costs and extend the time span of each garment. 

Some t-shirts require cold hand wash while others are okay with power cleaning. It depends on the kind of fabric in question. Most instructions are simple and easy to follow.  

I have the same shirts since the beginning of college life and yet the sparkle ( if not like new) remains to some extent.  

My recommendation: Cold hand wash if possible. 


Official merchandise has a different flavor


ricky sunnyvale hockey jersey blueIf you are following the philosophy of the trailer park boys, there is nothing official about life. It is just a casual affair.

But on the merchandise front it is better to go for officially licensed version.

You are likely to have the latest designs and the best quality aspects in one place.

Of course, if you are a bounty hunter like me, there are plenty of street smart vendors out there! But then, those occasions do not fall on a regular basis.

Anyways, the pricing on the online front is decent enough for the average buyer.

If you are harboring plans to set up your team this apparel would be of great help.