The Green T-Shirt Is Back In The Kelly Green Shade


funny green t-shirt trailer park boysOne of the most classical versions in the trailer park boys shirts is the green t-shirt. It comes on and off periodically. Hence, I am in the constant look out for the new updates. Found this one in the Kelly green shade and developed an instant liking. There is another one in the grass shade if you are looking for variety.

So where does it fit in? Everywhere where you have a casual care-free approach towards life, period. Great examples would be cheeseburger parties, Halloween celebrations or even the backyard get-togethers.

What is it that attracts so much? May be it is the fact that I am able to relate more with boys when the apparel is right.

Solid color are better when you are looking for a somewhat conservative approach. You might not feel comfortable in flaunting the Ricky quotation shirts right from the word go. But this one is decent to begin the course.

The fabric is high in cotton and is expected to provide lasting comfort in summer heat.

Another important point; fittings avaible for both men and women.