Bubbles Outpasses Rickey In Shirt Sales

Bubbles Outpasses Rickey In Shirt SalesSometimes you come across questions that do not have specific answers. One of my friends posed this really simple question; ” which is the best trailer park boys t-shirt in town”. This resulted in a chain of thoughts ranging from Sunnyvale to Ricky to Bubbles with Kitties, but I failed to give a proper answer. I love all the characters in the TPB series and it has hard for me to pick out one. However, one good way to to check out the popularity of shirts is through the examination of sales figures. And figures reveal a clear verdict. For the past 6 months, bubbles shirts have increased their clout among the masses. There is nothing against the other varieties but there seems to be an increased liking for this cute charming man.

Interestingly, the Kitties print was my very first shirt in this series and I still advise newcomers to go for this one as it is somewhat iconic in nature. There are many who know only this print as the official one in the TPB series. Sunnyvale and Mr.Lahey are two other important categories in t-shirts. These are, in my view, the second and third options. Of course, you should try to first have at least one from all the boys or the combined image print where all three of them are together. ( and it will save some bucks because you don’t need to buy individual ones!)

If you are someone who does not care about the sales figures and likes to choose from the heart, go ahead and get the one you love. It is important the you as a person are satisfied with the item that comes in your wardrobe. Market studies are simply indications to make the process of choosing a touch easier. Let love and passion be the deciding factors in your choice.