F*cking Decent Shirt Bubbles – But Why

fucking decent tshirt bubblesOk, now I get the point. Have wondered for a long time about the sanity behind the name of this bubbles tee shirt. Now that I see the print on the apparel, the matter is clear to me. The face of bubbles wearing specs is alright in the dark red background but check what is written in black over the surface of these glasses. Yeah, the words are clear; f*cking decent.

I am not sure whether this would work in educational institutions and guys if you do not have a good name in campus then please do not wear these in places where sentiments are likely to be disturbed. And be more careful if you already have a good name, do not spoil it. All I want to express is that this t-shirt is meant for places where you are on your own.

Why not organize a group movie party together? Plan a weekend of trailer park boys movies and make sure that everyone is wearing a connected shirt. Take a group photo and show off your fan spirit. I think that photograph would be a place where you can easily use this red shirt.

My father will always disapprove of such ideas and when I go back home during the holidays, the shirts remain in my hostel room. Well, some emotions are better kept inside but  I am sure he has already seen some of my photos in social media. Let that be till I get his advice.