Stylish Grey Mr Lahey Trailer Park Boys Shirt

Stylish Grey Mr Lahey Trailer Park Boys ShirtGrey is not always sober. It can also be hilarious. This Mr.Lahey shirt goes on well with the spirit of fun loving people. The bald Mr Lahey projecting his I am the Liquor slogan on the t-shirt looks funny and decent. It is a great shirt to add to your trailer park boys collection.

It is also great to find that this is an officially licensed shirt. I am not against the street side markets but on most occasions the quality seems to disappoint. The best part about quality prints is that it lasts when washed under stressful conditions.

The talk about underrated colors must always involve grey. In my view, it provides some lethal style combinations with different denim. And most guys would be comfortable with the shade. Another shade in the same level of effectiveness is white but it is difficult to maintain the sheen and shine.

One of my friends Simon, a t-shirt lover, has collected more than 500 trailer park shirts solely from Amazon. You may always find cheaper options but Amazon offers a decent price tag coupled with quality material.

One more habit that I have inculcated is to donate clothing material which are mostly shirts and jeans. It gives me both satisfaction and the opportunity to buy more! At the same time it solves the problem of overflowing cupboards!