Print Mr Jim Lahey On Your Shirt !


He might not be as iconic compared to the three boys in the trailer park series but Jim Lahey is in a league of his own. You might have come across many witty quotes on trailer park shirts which find inspiration from him. For me, he represents the perfect image of a stylish don. You can surely get some leverage from his apparels.

You can get custom prints or buy the ready-made options from Amazon. Custom prints might give a sense of uniqueness but the order ready products aren’t too bad either. In fact, I do not have the patience of wait for something spectacular as the listed ones are quite impressive.

Some Jim Lahey Shirts That I find impressive


new jim lahey shirt trailer park boys




I Am The Liquor Vintage Retro T-Shirt Jim Lahey Trailer Park Boys Black


The first is pehaps, the one which is highly popular among the masses; I am the Liquor shirt. The next one is also impressive. The two have contrasting shades and hence you easily match them with the preferred outfit.

So if you have had too much of the three lads then hang to the other characters in the series. Each one of them is unique and you can match them for different occasions. Take your Lahey shirt to the local restaurant and see the reactions of the serving staff. You are looking for some extra attention? The Liquor would definitely help. Please do not take them to formal institutions. You can never predict the conservative reactions!