Funny Graphic Show Me Your Kitties Shirt In Black With Caption In White


Funny Graphic Show Me Your Kitties Shirt In Black With Caption In WhiteIf you are too much into the round neck varieties, opting for a new V-neck Show me your Kitties shirt would not be a bad idea. After all, it is the iconic line of Trailer Park Boys. However, it is not that easy to find the V shape nowadays. Most shirt creators prefer the traditional shape.

Cat lovers might appreciate the design just a little bit more because this tee allows just a bit more of creative expression. I guess you are getting it right! But anyway, the look and feel of the print is extremely elegant and the black background provides a powerful setting.

On most occasions I prefer simple graphic tees and more so when I am looking to send out a message. Why would I do so? Well, sometimes you need to send out subtle hints to people around you! And it works better than actually saying the stuff.

I remember quite a few parties the main theme was the cool Ricky look and I ended up garnering quite a few reviews because of my cool ricky quotation shirts which were actually the real lines spoken in the trailer park movies. So find out the design that you are willing to flaunt in your circle. What you believe is going to work for you will surely bring in the apt attention of the observers.