Coffee Mug – You Mess With Me Mess With Whole Trailer Park


Coffee Mug - You Mess With Me Mess With Whole Trailer ParkWant to enjoy the morning cup of coffee with the fan spirit of the trailer park boys? This neat coffee mug lets you do just that. I got one last summer and now that it has turned a bit old after the daily washing sessions I am looking to order a new one this month. But this one would be for the showcase cupboard and not for general use. When I see the words ” You mess with me you mess with the whole trailer park”, a kind of unique bonhomie spirit comes in. Of course, you have to replace the guys from trailer park with my own friends. And then if anyone messes with me he ought to mess with the whole group!

The maker presents it as a mug for the soon to be bride or something to surprise your fellow co-workers with. Talking about feelings, the one thing that I am sure is that the observation of this mug gives you happiness or pleasant feelings. It is a good way to begin your day thinking about the boys and their inherent humor.  You can get decent low prices this season as the popularity of TPB series is high and there has been a spurge in the number of gift items. Have a great cup of coffee!