Ricky TPB Martin Luther King Shirt – The Closest Design I Could Find


ricky tpb martin luther king shirt


You will agree that Ricky has a world of his own. Hence all the shirts worn by him are in a different league altogether. The ricky tpb martin luther king shirt is something I have been looking for a long time. Haven’t found the exact match, but the one above is the closet match in my view.

The shirt gives me the movie feel and that is enough for me to order it. Still waiting for someone to release better versions of it, but for the time, this one will do the job. Not just do the job but work very well. ( giving some credit to the maker!)

Almost all my Ricky trailer park shirts have come from Amazon. There is no doubt the collection on amazon is significantly better than some of the other ones I have seen online. But I am in no way dismissing other sites. Research all the ones that come across your way and then select the one that fits within your needs.

My quotation shirts are reserved for special occasions. These are times when I am looking to convey subtle messages. The receipt can be anyone ranging anyone from friends to the professor! However, the chances of my professor coming to the parties is really slim.

There has been a great interest in the new movies from the tpb series. I am eagerly waiting for the next one in the slot. The times spent watching have been too good so far. Hoping for more experiences that take the stress away.