Which Sunnyvale Trailer Park Shirt Resonates With You?


Tee Shirt With Sunnyvale Trailer Park DesignMy dad tells that the shirt should resonate with your personality. That comment is in a negative sense as he is trying to wean me out from the attraction of trailer park Sunnyvale brand t-shirts. But I appreciate the meaning behind the words. Yes, the Sunnyvale tee fits a lot with my free-spirited personality. The first one was the hockey jersey and the next was the Decent red one. The red one is a fiery shade and quite striking to look at.

Which one resonates with your feelings? You might not have thought along these lines but it is always a great idea to ponder on the stuff. You might interesting shades about your own personality. My point is simple. Do not let others guide your opinions. Wear what you feel is good for you. Let it be comfortable and stylish at the same time. Make no compromise on your clothing sense and you will find that the attitude seeps in all walks of life. Even though my dad is no so appreciative of the trailer park clothing, his views do not prevent me from getting the print I like. Respecting someone else’s opinion is a good thing. But don’t build your life around it.