Top 10 Sunnyvale T-Shirts For Trailer Park Boys Fans

It is always a great idea to have this list at hand. Sunnyvale t-shirts are sometimes hard to find, especially when you are looking for something really specific. I have experienced the disappointment of not getting the design that I wanted. Nevertheless, there are some pretty good designs for the fans and you may have a look at the following tees. These are my top ten picks in this section. In case you have more options that you feel are important please do let me know. I would love to add it to my wardrobe or tell someone who is planning to buy a new tee.

1. Street Hockey Jersey – Team Sunnyvale


Sunnyvale Trailer Park Boys Hockey Team Jersey Long Sleeve

2. Jim Lahey – I Am The Liquor Grey

Grey Mr Lahey Shirt - I Am The Liquor Quote Based Print

3. Straight Outta Tha Trailer Tee 

Funny Parody T-Shirt Straight Out Of The Trailer


4. Classic Sunnyvale Shirts


Austin Ink Apparel Unisex Fine Jersey City of Sunnyvale California Print Tee (Classic Orange, M)


5. Long Sleeve Flannel Shirt

Straight Outta SUNNYVALE Flannel: Unisex Burnside Long Sleeve Flannel Shirt


6. GB Parts Unknown

Award Winning GB Shirt From Trailer Park Boys - Parts Unknown


7. Bubbles Decent Shirt


Men's Decent Vintage T-Shirt (XL, Black)


8. Vintage Style Texas

vintage style texas tee sunnyvale


9. Randy Cheeseburger Shirt

Randy Cheeseburgers Shirt Trailer Park Boys

10. Ricky Black White Houndstooth Shirt


Ricky Houndstooth Black And White Lounge Shirt For Men -Short Sleeve



Hope you like some of the choices that I consider as good ones for the Sunnyvale series. Most of the designs are still there online and you can even get the plus sizes for them. Whatever may be the final choice you can rest assured that this line of clothing creates a lot of attention in most places. You may not have to effort that much in creating a style statement.