Ricky Smokes Adult T-Shirt Of Trailer Park Boys


Ricky Smokes Adult T-Shirt Of Trailer Park BoysYou will love it! No questions asked but I know that you will love it! How am I so sure about it? It is Ricky love at first sight. There is something unique about officially licensed Ricky shirts. You just do not get that print in other versions. I am getting this one for sure. A refreshing one after a long time. This is one is different from the quotation styles. You can feel the power of the design. The black background is powerful and you are literally sucked into the image. You can never get out of that feeling. This one is for those macho parties where you really need to make the impression.

It is an adult t-shirt where Ricky smokes and seems to invite you for the same. I am not saying that you go out and start smoking but there is an inherent style which you just cannot miss. I am not much of a bossy figure in parties. Most of my tees are tailor made for occasions and some of them have a custom touch. This one is complete in all respects. The sleek sense is impeccable and you cannot help but notice it for a long time. It gives an added motivation to the fans.