Straight Outta Sunnyvale T-Shirt Of Trailer Park Boys


Straight Outta Sunnyvale T-Shirt Of Trailer Park BoysPeople wonder about the kind of shirt that the trailer park boys would themselves like to wear. If you ask me, it has to one of the sunnyvale designs. The sunnyvale hockey jersey or the this straight outta tee would come among the popular choices. In fact, if you mention the term sunnyvale the though of the TPB series is automatically linked to it. This one is a big white print on a decent black background. When I see the print it seems to me that the print stares at me, right in front. It is good for casting a strong first impression. When you wear this one, people will not have to guess about the side that you are on. And the best point is that you would easily find other fans in the locality.

Talking of fans, I am glad to know that the sheer level of appreciation for the trailer park boys is on a high. For me the talk was mostly about teenage groups or at the most young college circles. But you know what, I was wrong. In the recent show, I saw that the majority of fans were the over 40 age adults. Perhaps they were seeking the long lost humor in their lives. There is nothing like a good deal of laughter in life. You might put money in the first place and find that you are actually seeking something else. Yeah, money has a place but there are things in life what money can’t provide ( for everything else- there is  Mastercard !!).