Nerdy Trailer Park Boys Glasses Will Bring The Bubbles Costume To Life

Trailer Park Boys Glasses – The Bubbles Look Comes AliveI have had several people asking me about the best ways to bring out a lively Bubbles costume. Although there is nothing so much complicated about the whole affair but the absence of bubbles trailer park boys glasses will reduce, in fact, considerably diminish the chances of getting the real Bubbles look. It has to look something straight out of the movies or else the efforts are literally wasted.

If you are serious about the appearance, the focus should be on these 4 items.

  1. Thick lens style glasses
  2. Plaid checkered button up shirts (western style)
  3. Dark pants or chinos
  4. Boots with a zip (dark brown shade or something closer)

Let’s fine tune the points mentioned above

Thick lens trailer park boys glasses create the first impression


You might have the other apparels figured out but the absence of these is simply not acceptable. But no doctor would give you the prescription for getting the glasses made like Bubbles. The next best option are the novelty pairs available online.

Here is the one I prefer. It’s called the Bug eye specs. Looks pretty close to the one on the character and is able to create the look that I was referring to

nerdy trailer park glasses for bubbles costume


Click here to check out the thick Specs


The awesome fun that we associate with Bubbles has a strong connection with the attire. You would perhaps agree with that.  These novelty magnified glasses will provide a close matching look and most people, you bet, would refer them as exactly same ones as seen in the Trailer Park Boys movies.

You will surely find the eyeball magnification aspect pretty amazing.


Bubbles Shirts – Plaid and checkered western style button up


mens chequered shirt long sleeve


On most occasions he is wearing a western style checkered shirts.

These are the button up varieties and a number of different styles are shown in the movies.

The one thing you wo

uld notice are the double breasted pockets. A number of options are available in this segment.

I have placed one choice here. You can check out the product page of the shirt to find out more.



The Lowers – Dark shade chinos pants work good


To set things straight; he does not wear jeans. Most of us have a dark shade of chinos in the wardrobe. If not, get one for the costume. You have so many options to choose from. One choice that I recommend is the one below.


bubbles chinos pants trailer park boys

bubbles pants trailer park boys










Check out the chinos

The Right Footwear to Keep You On Track


Any dark pair of boots will do the job. There is no specific brand involved in any of the accessories that I am talking about. Personally I like the zipper boots since he has worn that in a number of shows. Go for it when you are opting for a new one or else the existing dark boots will do the job

bubbles boots

Click here to check out the boots


The one thing that you need to exhibit in any costume is confidence. The way you interact with the audience holds a lot of importance as far as the clout of the attire is concerned. Learn some witty talks before the event. You will not be disappointed.


By the way I created this small video so as to make the matters extra clear.  Hope you like it!