Kiss My Country – Trailer Park Shirt To Vent Out Your Emotions

kiss my country trailer park shirt

The usage might be a little bit dubious. I haven’t used the t-shirt till date but the catch phrase creates a certain amount of mystery and aura. Of course, trailer park shirts do have a charm of their own. When the shirt says something like “Kiss My Country…..” you seem hell bound to notice. Venting out emotions might turn out to be a simple affair when you enrich the merchandise collection with this piece!

I still find it extremely funny and my gut feeling suggests that there is nothing offensive about it. It is the way to foward in tough times and who knows you might garner that extra amount of attention with this outfit.

This particular print is available in almost 17 different colors on Redbubble. That is a lot to choose. My staple choices are black and deep blue. The white ones are sometimes difficult to maintain. But nothing compliments a blue denim better than the peace generating white.

So are you facing a dilemma whether or not to go for the shirt? If yes, you need to find the priorities in life. In case there are people who find this piece a little more outrageous than what the society permits, there is nothing I can do about it. You might walk on the left or on the right side and survive. But the middle path will crush you for sure. It is the path where you look to please everyone. That doesn’t happen in real life.

Hence, the choices are pretty much clear. Mask what you feel or go out with something that you feel happy about. Choosing the latter might give you a sense of extra satisfaction.

The trailer park merchandise is all about freedom of expression. The more you think about it the better it feels.