What Bubbles Glasses Teach Us From An Outsider Point Of View

bubbles trailer park boys glasses

Ever since I saw the bubbles glasses I have been fascinated by them.

They continue to mesmerize me even today.

Although I have never been able to procure the exact replica of the one that was used in the movies, there are quite a few Novelty glasses in my collection.

The bug eye specs available on amazon is my favorite. Not that it is an exotic piece of high value item but the construction resembles a great deal to the movie character. When you are wanting to look like Bubbles the first thing that anyone would notice is obviously the glasses.

There are some other elements too but for now let us focus on the eyes.

My take on this; People do tend to take care a lot about external appearances. You might of heard people saying that looks don’t matter and it is your inner thought process that makes a difference. While this may be partly true but saying that looks do not matter would really be an understatement.

Looks define you and create an invisible aura. People might be attracted or repelled in it but something will definitely happen. Hence I put in that extra dash of time to ensure that I am looking for any of the meets that we friends usually go for. Nothing extravagant but just the simple and basic facts of getting things right and looking fit for the occasion.