Womens Trailer Park Boys Queen Shirt – Redneck Camping Mobile Home

Womens Trailer Park Boys Queen Shirt - Redneck Camping Mobile Home

Here is what the ladies would love! I have to admit that options in section trailer park boys t-shirts for women are not that great but you still have decent pieces coming in from time to time. This Queen shirt in pink with the camping mobile home print is one such example. But still I would love to see more shades and the manufacturers moving out of their fascination for pink. There is so much room for experimentation. We can certainly move ahead.

This is a solid color print and will suit the campers and hikers looking to display their intention. In terms of design you can say that it is pretty unique. You will not have a situation where the next door neighbors bring out the same one from their respective wardrobes.

Hiking was something I used to love as a kid. But somehow I lost the temptation of the experiences as I grew up. Life became sort of comfortably numb. The advent of trailer park boys has been a blessing in disguise. You can certainly count me as one among the fans. The group makes me feel positive about life. Looking forward to a time when I can meet them in person. Till then the tees would give me decent company.

In case there are any more unique prints for women, the information will come up in subsequent posts.