I Wore Something’s Fuc*y T-Shirt On My Friends Birthday Party

I Wore Something's Fucy T-Shirt On My Friends Birthday Party


The elders were not amused but my peer group had a great laugh.

The ” Something’s Fuc*y Shirt” was kept for an important day when all the trailer park boys fans meet. Luckily we all were there but also some parents.

No one seemed to mind a lot but I could sense some unpleasantness in one or two folks.

The party was cool and so were the boys. It was due for a long time. We had some great laughs and the food was awesome. My next plans are for the upcoming holidays where I plan to throw a beach party with the trailer park theme.

I hope no one gets the same idea but considering the fact that we have all shown a decent amount of tpb love, this very same thought might have crossed the minds others. In case you have something better please throw me a comment.

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