Welcome To The Sh*T Show Shirt From Trailer Park Boys – Funny Print Of All Three

Trailer Park Boys Men's Sht Show T-Shirt


Welcome everyone! That’s what they every time but the meaning differs altogether. This time it is a show and they refer to it as the “Sh*t Show”. This funny trailer park shirt has a lot of dimensions to it.

It might offer an innocent way for someone to express the unhappiness for the occasion. Words are certainly the best weapons around. If used carefully, you get the desired results without too much of a fuss.

I do not want to associate any negative feelings with the shirt. It is a funny tee and let the spirit remain so. But the contents might not be acceptable every where. Hence, use your presence of mind and choose the occasion wisely.

These days I am not having much of an inclination for new collections as the existing ones are jam packed in the wardrobe. It is difficult to main a big luggage in college life. And life is meant to be simple. I am making sure that I use every single one of the shirts that remains hidden inside so that the sheen and shine might be gone pretty soon.

Nevertheless the charm of new collections remains as it is.