Trailer Park Supervisor Men’s Novelty T-Shirt


trailer park boys supervisor men's t-shirt funnyWhen the going gets tough, the tough get going. That’s an age old saying but you can still find the macho spirit in this trailer park supervisor t-shirt. What you want to supervise is beyond my imagination. This green shade compliments my dark grey denim and makes a great evening combination. By the way, my weekend party is going to place on the beach and I have decided to wear the houndstooth Ricky shirt. On most occasions I wore the age old classic Bubbles shirt but this time around, things got to change. So Mr.Ricky and his never say ” I am wrong” attitude is in!

If you happen tok visit the product page link for this supervisor shirt, the company offers five vibrant colors including the green one. All of them are machine washable and printed in USA. The size range is from small to extra large. So whatever waistline you are carrying, there is a match for you.