The Houndstooth Shirt Provides You The Real Ricky Look

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Wanting to look like Ricky from the trailer park boys series? The “How” behind the process is no secret after all! All you need is a decent houndstooth shirt  and you are ready to go. Make sure that the shirt has a collar and is dark in shade. Black works the best but I have also seen deep grey versions in the market.

Another thing that you would need is the right kind of beard or mustache. And then comes the final thing; the Ricky attitude! Oh, you can’t have the real look without the attitude.

Watch some of the episodes on YouTube to understand what the character is all about. And then you can be sure that the houndstooth shirt will give you the results that you have been looking for.

Ricky and his Rickyisms – Swag to the core


trailer park boys rickyisms 4

My suggestion would be to practice some of the best quotes from the trailer park boys series or check out Rickyisms and use it among friends. If they are convinced about your Ricky looks, you can be sure of the fact that the girls would like it too.

The one thing I like about my friend circle is that they give real constructive criticism. They say it outright when the t-shirt looks awful or when the shade does not suit my personality.

Try to form such a peer group. You need not feel bad when friends give you the bad opinion. They are preparing for the real event. But for that, you need to have absolute trust in the partners.

Of course, this short sleeve shirt will infuse some instant macho spirit in you! I have seen people wearing it on the streets. But speaking from a personal point of view, I prefer the round neck shirts for most occasions.

Here is the man in action !