Ricky Shirt With On Sleeve Trailer Park Boys Logo

ricky trailer park sleeve logo shirtCome what may, tees with white backgrounds are not going lose their charm. Whether it is for trailer park boys or football fans, as long as its friend the dirty blue denim lives in people’s hearts, the day of white shirts are infinite, so to speak!

The best combination for this ricky shirt is no doubt, a blue denim in light shade. One more thing that you will notice is that there is an attractive trailer park boys logo on the sleeve which makes it somewhat unique. This removes the bland look that you mostly associate with such t-shirts. In fact, many have bought this only for the logo.

But Ricky is a star figure in his own and you will admit this even if you are a die hard Bubbles fan.

He has, in my view, a kind of stubborn charm that never leaves you till the end. It’s the way he looks or the things that he says, for me it has always been fascinating. The same thing happened to me when the movie “Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle” came. In a way, Ricky has the charm of Kumar. If you have not seen the movie, you can watch it free online on YouTube. I don’t know whether there are appropriate tees for Kumar too.