A Decent Bubbles In T-Shirt

bubbles decent t shirtThink about a decent nerd like Bubbles you can at once have the idea about his dress. Some kind of denim that looks worn out and  a decent t-shirt. Maybe that’s why this one is called decent! Anyway, I like the feel of it. Not that there is anything outrageous in the whole thing, but sometimes the power of simplicity just cannot be ignored. That statement comes out from my mental junkyard, but I guess there are some useful things in there too!!

The apparels industry should be perhaps thankful to the trailer park boys for allowing the development of a wonderful legacy of shirts that offer a different perspective towards life. Something that is carefree and not worried about the future. That is just the opposite of the kind of state that I am into. You can guess the mental agony that goes through a masters student. Career and money and being sucked into the rathole. I take this as a part of life, but I hope life has something more exciting to offer.

By the way, if your girlfriend is angry and you are having a difficult time in restoring the relationship back to normal, wear this shirt and show her your downtrodden face. You will see the emotions coming out. In case that does not help, God help you my friend!