Trailer Park Boys Merchandise In Canada Comes Easily From The American Side


Canadians have a right over the TPB legacy! That is the feeling I get upfront. However, if you are looking in the trailer park boys merchandise in Canada segment, most options would be coming from the US side. The shipping is not that expensive and hence it is rather easy to get a lot of items from the American side.

This is how the trade format works and I guess it is nothing to ponder upon if you are buying something within North America. So order freely and get the official merchandise wherever possible.

In case you have just started out, the basic items would be t-shirts. There are lot of other items to choose from such as coffee mugs, bubbles stickers and so on. But shirts are something you wear on a daily basis and it would be like wearing the TPB spirit! Some words they are!

But yes the fans do resonate with these feelings. If you are doing nothing this weekend, go watch out the fun in TPB movies. You will surely have a great time. Don’t forget to exclue your parents from the group! You might feel a bit awkward.