Trailer Park Boys Mr. Lahey I Am The Liquor T Shirt Is As Iconic As The Trio

lahey i am the liquor tee shirt


That’s the way forward. You need the flair of Mr.Lahey and you have a great t-shirt to show it off. The finger point Mr.Lahey shirt looks amazing in all the six background colors but I would always go for the white and black shades. There is a lot of nostalgia behind my choice but these seem to fit well with most of the lowers.

The man is as iconic as the boys. You cannot imagine the trailer park boys without him. He brings out a lot of charisma without really fretting about it. It is so clear in the all the movies and the shirt looks as dramatic as real. In case you are about to TPB concert make sure that you have this print in the wardrobe.

One of my professors looks just like him. I have thought of gifting him the shirt many times but he seems like a serious guy and I doubt there is any TPB liking in him! But then I fail to understand why the world does not see the funny bone. You can be a hard working and yet appreciate the magic that these iconic figures possess.

Last year I had planned to attend the concert in London but somehow the plans did not match my academic schedule. Plus my parents were not too happy with the idea so I guess they were more than happy when I was not able to make it. But one day ( and that day is coming soon!) it will happen and then the world will see it. By the way, do not get carried away with my jargon!