Trailer Park Boys Dragon Shirt Makes That Ricky Look Come Alive

No wonder it is one among the most sought after options in the merchandise section. The trailer park boys dragon shirt is essential to obtain that cool Ricky look. You have so many options in this segment but the dragon shirt is one of its kind. Let us explore the latest options that we currently have in order to render some justice to the character.

Black background trailer park boys dragon shirt creates a mesmerizing feeling

This is an official Liquid Blue graphic and the material is 100% cotton. The fantasy print is classy and double sided. It is kind of fierce but resonates the personality.

The size range is fantastic (available from small to 6x). There is something for everyone.

Another cool shirt in the same category would be the one given below:


trailer park boys dragon shirt blue


The dragon in blue shirt appears quite real and creates a kind of daunting impression. It is not something outright scary but catches immediate attention.

Likewise you will find new additions in a short span of time.

If you are looking to create costume look then there are additional items you would have to bring. We will bring out another post for full body costume look of the characters in the TPB series.

Right now the fans are eagerly waiting for the 13th season but the shooting is still under process. It has been quite some time now. The animated series on Netflix was not enough to satisfy the demands of live shows. But anything in this series is always welcome as there would be new insights into fun and humor.

With the gloomy global situation all around we need the spirit of this group to turn things around. And if you are not able to resume work and having some time at hand make sure to go through at least one of the Trailer park movies. You might forget anything that disturbs you in the moment!