How To Get Park Bully Badge -The NBA Player Makes A Comeback

How is it going everybody? I am back with another topic and today it is about how to get park bully badge. You can check out the video below from iSwune to have a clear idea about the park bully badge.


In this video the player says:

I honestly do not know the specifics, numbers wise, on how to get park bully badge. What I am going to tell you is what I did in order to get the exact result. This was one of those items that I was always trying to go for and it took me forever to get it but when I actually was not trying it just popped up. So let me tell you what I did.

I only have about 250 blocks with my glass cleaners so I am not sure about that but what I am pretty sure is that I moved people around when I was in the post . So what you got to do is post up, set screens, be physical, move people around in the park which is what the description is all about. You got to be big, you got to be a group, you got to be a beast.

In my opinion, its setting screens with my hall of fame brick wall, moving people, blocking shots, knocking people and things like that which worked in getting this. You got be exactly what this badge means. It means you transform into the park bully. If you continue doing a combination of such activities eventually this badge is going to pop up for you. So its all about being physical, setting screens, knocking people around, blocking shots and things like that.

In my honest opinion that’s what you need to do get the park bully badge. I can’t put up a specific number of things that have to be done in order to achieve the goal but it is a combination of such activities for sure. The only thing you got to have is patience. The continuation of this will land you on right on the goal.


So if you are someone still wondering about the task take into accounts the points that are discussed above. There is a time frame attached to it and you need not be too fussy about it. Like mentioned above the exact metrics are not available. The best way forward is to continue with the tactics and let time take its course. The important thing is to enjoy what you are doing so that it does not become some kind of mundane activity.