Trailer Park Boys Costume Ricky’s Houndstooth Shirt


Trailer Park Boys Costume Ricky's Houndstooth ShirtPlanning something extraordinary for the Halloweens? Here is an idea that might interest you. Why not go for a trailer park boys inspired theme party? You could order and customize some great costumes for the show and show your true fan colors.

To make some of the thought process easy here is a Ricky inspired houndstooth shirt. If you have seen the movies you will instantly recognize the shirt. It is that chequered black design that makes it so unique. I cant remember whether I have seen this design in some other or place. If you bring a closer look then the shirt seems to be a good one but not some kind of superhero stuff. Then why is it so popular? It is because of what I believe the “TPB efffect”. You can sense a new kind of attitude that is hard to beat. The coolness of this apparel is ingrained via the television series and the movies. I can surely depend on that.

As the Halloween season keeps coming closer, expect some wonderful new stuff in trailer park merchandise section. I am all set for the discount season but you can also find several officially licensed prints at extremely low costs. Keep looking and keep enjoying!