Lost My Bubbles And Kitties T-Shirt At The Beach


Trailer Park Boys 'Bubbles & Kitties' Gray T-shirtFirst of all, I am not totally devastated as it was an old shirt. But the loss of any trailer park boys t-shirt is a loss after all. It was the classic Bubbles and Kitties print in the traditional grey background. You might have seen the shirt in many stores. It is one of the most loved ones in the apparel collection. I had kept the shirt on the beach mat and took off for a small beach jog in my tank-top. It is nothing new to me and the area is relatively safer compared to several other zones. However, I was initially extremely surprised to find the t-shirt missing. I mean, how could someone just take it and move off. By the time it was evening I was able to see the lighter side of things. Maybe the thief was a bigger fan!

Just waiting for some discounts on Amazon to get a new one from the TPB collections. The magical bubbles is in my list and there are many combined image print options too.