Ricky T-Shirt Of Course Im Right I Am Ricky – A Funny One In White


Ricky T-Shirt Of Course Im Right I Am Ricky - A Funny One In WhiteYou know that he is always right, right! I mean, of course. Ricky is the one who is always on the right side of things. Even he doesn’t know how things start to mess up around him. So if you intend to be on the side of Ricky and show around a bit, this “of course i am right i am ricky” shirt will perhaps inspire you to greater heights.

The name is written in white on a medium sized black background while the text is printed on the upper side. The shirt may cast a spell on someone seeing it for the first time! Well, that might be an exaggeration but many would find the lines real amusing.

The best part of this funny apparel is that the price is real low. I have seen similar products which are priced much higher. The base is preshrunk cotton so I guess it would be comfortable to wear. I have worn this material before and you can easily wear the thing for the whole day during the summer season. Sometimes I use the trailer park shirts as an inner because many of them are extremely soft to wear.

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