The Smokes Let’s Go T-Shirt For A Hilarious Take On Life


smokes lets go t shirtThe title says it all. Looks like someone wants to have a good time or remove some of the frustrations that are cropping up life. This Smokes, Let’s Go T-shirt is hilarious so to say and I wouldn’t dare wearing it in my class. The professors are way too strict.

In case you are bubbling with some of the rebellious energy of the trailer park boys, I would still advise to treat this as a party shirt only. First and foremost, you might be seen as someone who is promoting smoking which is not what you are communicating.


It will be difficult for someone who has not seen the movies to understand the inherent humor. This seems like an ideal one for weekend bash stuff. Although there are tons of shades available, as evident on the product shade, the white and black combination suits my style. My room buddy will go for the bluish version which I think is fine as long as you are wearing some decent lowers.

The best thing about all these black shades that I keep boasting about is the fact that any lower, yes simply any lower, turns out to be a great match. That makes a huge difference when it comes to all the times that people keep thinking about creating the best matching outfit attire for the occasion. You bet, life is easier with my choices!