Sarcastic Funny Trailer Park Boys Decent Shirt In Black

trailer park boys funny t-shirtYou want to throw off a sarcastic tone at people calling you to improve? There is this Decent T-Shirt that’s quite funny and acts as a good souvenir. Sometime you do not need the long tail Ricky quotations. A single word can transmit subtle effects into the minds of impressionable readers.

Mind you, sarcasm works where people are able to understand it. My dad, for example, has no idea about sarcasm. In fact, he fails to see the funny side of things. In fact, even when I am joking around he takes things too seriously. That is his way of life.

I have made constant use of Ricky quotes and one liners to cut the ice in difficult situations. There is so much fun that you can have with words. Oh, I wish I was a writer by profession. You might have seen the genius in me!

Sometimes you have to keep quiet on the face of difficult things. Mere saying is not enough then. That is where the trailer park shirts come so handy. They convey the message without you having to the hard work.