A Jim Lahey T-Shirt That You Cannot Forget

grey t-shirt i am the liquor mr lahey trailer park boys

The macho man wearing a grey t-shirt of Mr.Lahey! That’s what I think about myself when wearing this t shirt. That something so simple can have such a profound effect is sometimes hard to imagine. This Jim Lahey shirt comes as a perfect example. You can easily term it as the classical shirt of trailer park boys. This one comes second only to the classic Bubbles or Ricky Bubbles Julian combined t-shirt.


The graphic printed on the shirt is nothing out of the blue but yet you cannot help noticing it. The immaculate man with his bald head and wearing the aviator staring straight towards you. The words ” I am the Liquor’ are seen on the left and right panels of the glasses. The grey setting could have been better.


If you are in low spirits or not feeling good about yourself, wear this shirt and feel the difference. There are things that you could do to change the mood but changing the attire is one among the simplest and the easiest. And if you have plenty of time, take the new season 2 DVD of trailer park boys and dive into the sea of laughter. I can always recall some of the jaw hitting quotes of these men. I personally want to congratulate the scriptwriter of the series for presenting something so memorable. I am not such a big fan of action movies. Humor and comedy are always my first choice. So check out the Mr. Lahey shirt and find out more about other popular items in this series.