Ricky Shirt – Smokes Let’s Go – Vintage T-Shirt From Trailer Park Boys Merchandise

Ricky Shirt - Smokes Let's Go - Vintage T-Shirt From Trailer Park Boys MerchandiseDo you sometimes wish for the attributes of the Ricky in real life? When I’m wearing the vintage shirts like this one I do have such emotions. Customer satisfaction levels pertaining to the Ricky shirts of trailer Park boys movie series are at an all time high. You certainly do not find any critics anywhere. This might not be a good sign from a design point of view but no one is complaining. As a society we have become more sceptical. There are times when you need to let go. This is what the spirit of Ricky teaches us. In fact the entire emotion around Sunnyvale is based on this.

In this post you see a vintage shirt that is called smokes let’s go. There was a time when I could not understand the meaning behind the production of such garments. Of course, I had not seen any of the movies then. During that time there were guys who used to roam around consistently. They had the dream of happiness in their eyes but my parents were disapproving of such behaviour. You can understand that they were not good academica But that takes nothing away from the kind of person that you are. And the funny part was that these guys used to have beautiful movie T-shirts that one could only dream of. And here I was wearing those dull single colour shirts all the time.

College life was a real big event for me. It brought about a lot of changes in my personality. I stopped evaluating persons based on their marks and academic achievements. The value of heart took a lot of meaning. And now with the trailer park spirit in me I can feel confident of living a life that is full and to the core.