The Dirty Burger Shirt In Black

dirty burger shirt trailer park boys

You need not be muscular to flaunt a dirty burger shirt in black. It has enough macho spirit for everyone. Something that a nerd like me wants is a dirty burger printed in bold! Looks like being a good student in the campus is not enough. You need to express the style every once in a while. Of course, there are other methods but t-shirts express the thoughts quite boldly.


I have just one single L size piece of this trailer park boys shirt. The collection is already huge so I must buy responsibly. Do not have a huge stipend but I can manage a few more good additions!

You need to choose the right size to get a full feel of the design. A good fitting keeps the wrinkles away from the chest region.

By the way, I hate ill-fitted garments and hence spend a good amount of time researching on the size charts for getting the best possible choice. That is one of the demerits of online shopping.

But then you have to accept the good of low prices for some effort. You can always return if the shirt just does not fit good.