Bubbles Style Glasses To Make You Look Funkier

bubbles trailer park boys glassesI have no clue no what these looks will be used for, but bubbles glasses can either scare someone or bring out tons of laughter. Big gouging out eyes, you do look cute in them but not sure what will be the right occasion to use them. Perhaps these are great for Halloweens. The technical name for this thing is Bug eye specs and many have already used it for great effects.

If you are already planning to buy them then make sure that you do it before the festive seasons comes close because most of the on sale offers would not last by that time. You do have some discount offers, but there is a greater buying impulse in those times which is why people do not seem to offer more rebates. It would not be wrong to say that when you want it the most the prices are going to be sky high. I have experienced this phenomenon with most t-shirt collections.

Personally, I would not buy these because I am scared of scaring others. You never what is the right time to surprise someone. Maybe my attitude is at fault here but that is the way I go about. You won’t see me wearing outrageous scary costumes. Yes, there is nothing to contradict the popularity of costume based events but I have experienced some negative situations wherein my humor did not go down well with others.